About Me

Hi, I'm TheInvader360, a software developer based in sunny North Wales.

I develop business software for a commercial company to pay the bills, and I like to make games in my spare time for fun. Sometimes the games help me pay the bills too, it's really nice when that happens :)

I started writing my very first games back when I was about eight years old, armed with a sinclair spectrum and a library card. I'm now in my thirties, with a couple of children of my own! It seems I'm a "grown up" now, with adult responsibilities. I have to think about grown up things, like mortgages, and school catchment areas, and pensions... That said, I still manage to find time to play games, and to make my own ones too.

I publish android games on the Google Play Store. I've also dabbled with the Amazon market in the past. I'm interested in targeting the Fire TV platform, so will likely publish more games there in future. I might also consider targeting Apple devices at some point, along with desktop (Linux, Mac, Windows), and I think VR is definitely going to happen. I guess I need to find some more time!

I like free software. My games are made using free tools, Linux, Eclipse, LibGdx, Gimp, Audacity, Blender, there's a definite theme! I've recently started working with Unity too, not exactly free, but for small indies it may as well be. In return, all my games are free to play!

I publish a blog - there are some helpful tutorial articles there (all LibGdx based so far, but I have some ideas for Unity ones in the future), I sometimes post development progress and general musings related to mobile gaming and development too.

Somewhat linked in with the blog is my GitHub account. There are a few little example apps on there that may be of interest to other developers getting started. I also have a YouTube channel that I plan to make more use of in future, namely using it to publish video tutorials. I'm quite intrigued by the idea of Kindle publishing too, that's something else I would like to get round to at some point.

I hope you check out my games, and if you like them, maybe read along on the blog, subscribe to my YouTube channel, like me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter!

Most of all, I hope you have a whole lot of fun!